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WORX Portable Battery Washer (WG620E.2) 20V & Battery (1×2.0Ah)

Two-in-one water supply system —Cleaning power and watering.
Different spray patterns provide flexibility in various tasks.
10 times more powerful than conventional irrigation systems.
It can pump water from a pool, bucket, river, bottle, tap, etc.
Quick connection to the garden hose or tap.
Lightweight and compact for easy movement.
Power Share battery is used in all WORX 20V MAX products.

Battery: 20V - 2.0Ah
Maximum Pressure: 24 Bar
Maximum Flow: 120 Lt / hr
Weight (with battery): 1.8 Kg
6 meter supply pipe with suction filter
Bottle connection adapter
Nozzle for cleaning fluid use
Folding bucket of 11 liters
Cleaning brush
Battery (20V - 1 X 2Ah)

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Weight 1.8 kg
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